Thursday, May 19, 2011

Custom Baptism Gown Sketches

Think of it as the first step before she purchases her own Custom Wedding Gown Sketch!

Family heirlooms link generations of families in such a personal way. You may have grown up seeing your great-grandmother's baptismal gown in photos.

Treasured items like these, passed down from generation to generation, provide insight into the lives of our ancestors and a better understanding of our families history.

Now is a wonderful oppurtunity to preserve this special time in your families history with a custom illustration of the beautiful gown or outfit your little one wore on his or her special day.

"Hand down the gown, preserve the memory".

Gown Sketches for your ipad & iphone 4 cases

This is so great!! I must say I am having fun with the whole iphone case thing since my husband got me an iphone 4 for our anniversay. Love that husband of mine.

Well, I was browsing the large selection of cool stuff on and came across custom designed cases for the ipad & iphone. I'm in!!

Just email me at and ask me how I can put your Custom Wedding Gown Sketch on a case of your very own.